Some of my art...

Working with Torin Blankensmith to create a fully self-contained, GPU-accelerated MediaPipe plugin for TouchDesigner downloaded over 6,000+ times!

Virtual Heart

Integrating 3x different AI vision libraries to produce an in person, interactive game.

Design and fabrication of the lighting and electrical system for Tarna the art car, a truck-sized steel jackalope built for Burning Man

A card game to help build loving relationships, now successfully crowdfunded multiple times.

A She-Ra inpsired electric arc lighter modified to play music with the arcs themselves!

Only the finest of control boxes for Tarna's Heart fire poofer. Blow 10ft fireballs with the most satisfying button press

100 glowing mushrooms on the forest floor that react to your voice. Built for Lumaterra festival

Soothing LED art piece using Penrose tiling and leftover project parts

Providing a fun background for my office - a ring of sound reactive light built onto my closet wall

A set of 4x 8ft long battery-powered, sound-reactive light tubes with 150 pixels per tube, with Wi-Fi controllers that can sync the sticks together, to an event mixer. Made for fun and used at many events

An illuminated neckpiece with the heart of Tarna. A sound-reactive WiFi controller syncs the LEDs either to Tarna, or music nearby

A shiny, glowy “airlock” tunnel for a space pirate themed camp at SideBurn, Ontario’s regional Burning Man event that I co-founded