Wearable Art

Each year Tarna throws the Heartbreaker’s masquerade ball, and I wanted to create a wearable costume piece for the ball. I ended up crafting the shape of Tarna’s geodesic heart in foam, and lit it with addressable LEDs that pulse like a heartbeat.

The team liked it so much, it was featured in the Hearbreaker’s Tale video the following year.

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In Action

Check out the piece in A Hearbreaker's Tale

Tech and Skills

I learned how to work with EVA foam to create the piece, and used lighting diffuser to provide an even glow of light.

Controller: WeMOS D1 Mini ESP8266 + LiPo battery

Software: WLED + custom FX controllable over Wi-Fi

LEDs: 11 Skinny NeoPixel (SK6812) addressable RGB LEDs