Space Pirate "Airlock"

The airlock awaiting its next traveller

A Festival Hippy Trap

When you’re a space pirate, you need an airlock that may or may not be a trap…

I designed an 8’ x 4’ “monkey hut” style airlock for our regional Burning Man camp that used an emergency blanket to make a shiny mirror finish, and addressable LED strips to create various patterns.

Patterns either simulated the airlock opening and closing, or the popular rainbow swirls to trap people in there as they stare at the pretty lights.

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Tech and Skills

I built a custom controller enclosure with power distribution and level shifters to run the lighting either stand-alone, or synchronised with other camp lighting via Wi-Fi.

Mapping software: xLights

Controller: BeagleBone with custom fused power distribution and level shifter cape

Software: FPP for pre-baked sequence playback or sACN/ArtNet IP-based streaming to sync with other lights in the camp.

LEDs: 450 WS2812B RGB LEDs in strips

Testing the layout in the custom control box