Cards to the Heart

Relationship Building Questions

We all want more authentic friendships and relationships. Getting to know the depths of a person’s experience and feelings creates this authenticity… but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

I came up with these question cards as a way to get to know my partner better. Our friends found out and wanted copies, then they told their friends, and before I knew it I was launching a Kickstarter to get a print run made... then a few years later another successful crowdfunded print run!

I partnered with Natasha Kudashkina to create the artwork, and Winter-Hébert to build the layout and logo.

Years later I still get asked about these cards, and you can still play them online for free (or even order a physical deck if there are any left!).

Find out all about the project on the Cards to the Heart website

Come ask me a question if you'd like your own deck, or insights into the crowdfunding process. I'd love to hear from you!