Penrose Panel

Making Art from Leftovers

When the pandemic lockdowns hit, I decided it was time to make an art. The only rule was it must be made entirely from existing materials I had at home.

After many hours of very careful plastic cutting, and a year or so of forgetting about it, the piece was finally finished and hangs on our living room wall.

Based on Penrose Tiling with only two shapes, the pattern is already fun to look at, and combined with some slow-moving patterns it always makes me happy seeing it turn on at dusk and sooth my mood.

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Tech Stuff

Controller: PixelBlaze v3 with microphone to make super smooth, mapped patterns that I had in a drawer

LEDs: Inherited WS2801 addressable pixel strings that needed some cleanup and fixing to run

Power: An old phone charger and USB cable that I cut the broken section out of

Dividers: Leftover sheet of corrugated plastic and a lot of hot glue

Fabrication: My amazing partner carefully cut and assembled lots of tiny bits of plastic

Diffuser: Leftover sample of acrylic diffuser from the Tarna clouds construction

Frame: Ok, this was the only cheat - we bought a piece of wood and some paint to make the frame!


The original source image, the dividers all assembled, and the LED string mapping used to generate nice smooth patterns across the piece

Source image from the online Penrose Tiling Generator. I decided to remove the "ears" at the top to make a smoother shape, so it's not technically a true Penrose pattern, but *shh* don't tell anyone...